Partner with our Clients

We understand that the foreign workers will need help in adapting into the countries they will be assigned to. As such, we partner with our Clients, the employers, in providing recruited foreign workers guidance, supervision and assistance for uncomplicated adaptation in their new environment and host country.

Our partnering role

We encourage our clients to think of Mercan Recruit as a strategic partner. In this capacity we work closely with your organization to assess its current candidate management goals, objectives, and practices. We then develop and implement solutions to optimize your hiring/staffing function. How does your organization benefit? You acquire the right talent quickly and realize cost savings through greater efficiencies. We represent you in the marketplace, so your organization gets the name recognition and reaps the rewards.

If what you’re doing now can stand improvement we’ll work with you to make it happen. Our partnering role may involve re-thinking strategy. Or it may mean adding new practices, discontinuing practices that haven’t been effective, or leveraging technology to expedite the cycle.

In addition to traditional contigency search, we also have consultants who are experienced in the following areas: Partner with contract recruiters.

  • Initiate new requisitions.
  • Interview candidates.
  • Provide feedback.
  • Make pre-selection decisions.