Agri-Food Pilot (AFP)

Agri-Food Pilot (AFP)

This section describes how to process applications for permanent residence submitted by applicants in the Agri-Food Pilot (AFP) Program through the paper-based or online application process.

The AFP Program is an economic pilot program designed to help address the labour needs of the Canadian agri-food sector, particularly in the year-round mushroom and greenhouse crop production, meat processing and livestock raising industries, and attract experienced, non-seasonal workers who can settle in Canada.

Foreign nationals must meet the job offer, minimum language, education, work experience, immigration status and settlement funds requirements, where applicable, to apply for the AFP Program.

Note: The job offer and education requirements have been updated:

  • applicants who reside in Canada at the time of application may meet either the job offer requirements or the educational requirements
  • applicants who reside outside of Canada at the time of application must meet both the job offer and the educational requirements