WORKER RECRUITMENT AND DEPLOYMENT – Why Choose Mercan as your Talent Provider?

• WORKER RECRUITMENT AND DEPLOYMENT – Why Choose Mercan as your Talent Provider?

At Mercan, we recognize that the heart and soul of a company is its people. The men and women who will contribute to its growth and development, as well as provide a competitive edge over other industry players.


Mercan Recruit utilizes a competency-based workforce recruitment and selection process through a set of unique and effective measure of steps called Mercan Recruit Advantage. This is composed of the following 5-step process:


Mercan Recruit Advantage:

      • Consult
      • Recruit
      • Select
      • Deliver
      • Partner


  1. CONSULT – Analyzing the Needs

 This process is initiated by a Client-Partner consultation, where both parties will identify and examine specific recruitment requirements. Based on this platform, Mercan will devise an action plan of customized solutions to meet the needs and goals of the client.

2 . RECRUIT – Competency-based Workforce Recruitment

 Mercan identifies and formulates clear-cut competencies for the positions to be filled based on the client’s organizational structure, job descriptions and major duties/responsibilities handled by the worker. Mercan institutes solution-enablers and methods to facilitate recruitment accordingly, these are:

      1. Alliance with Foreign Licensed Recruiters

Since we will be recruiting foreign nationals who are living in other countries, we will ensure that we will only deal with our own sub-companies and affiliates. If we will have to use third-party agents, they must be licensed in the country where they operate. Example: Our partner office Mercan Canada Employment Philippines Inc. is a licensed Employment Agency in the Philippines.

      1. On-Line Application and Database Engine

We will be utilizing an on-line and browser-based application and recruitment database system that can be accessed by both applicants and companies. Our system will keep track of necessary information from both the applicant and the employer, e.g. recruitment history, etc.

      1. On-line Advertising

Mercan places job postings in popular online job-boards as well as other platforms including job banks approved by the Government.

      1. Targeted Use of Print Media

Mercan will advertise in select major broadsheets and publications widely read by target applicants. We deploy a distinctive advertising style that highlights job opportunities & needed key competencies.

      1. Presence in Recruitment Fairs

Mercan actively participates in Jobs Fairs in many major cities where we are present.


3.  SELECTION – Competency-based Workforce Selection

Mercan will work with employers to analyze the job vacancies in their individual institutions. Mercan then devises customized job assessment tools and selection procedures for assessments.

      1. Evaluation and Testing

Qualified applicants are given further relevant skills verification tests, to validate the degree of their technical aptitude. Companies, at their discretion, may require competency tests or exams to be conducted by Mercan. In addition, the candidate’s language proficiency is assessed to ensure they can properly communicate at their respective workplaces.

      1. Interview of Candidates

Mercan will arrange either thru video conferencing technology using POLYCOM equipment or face-to-face interviews in any location. Mercan will arrange hotel and transportation logistics for the employer.



 Mercan discusses the vacancy with all appropriate candidates before a final shortlist is submitted. Candidates will only be forwarded to companies if they have demonstrated a genuine interest in the position. The companies then give their final decision and provide the list of their selected candidates. Mercan will then start the processing of employment and immigration documents.

      1. Background Check

Mercan will run a background check on every selected worker prior to proceeding with any visa application. This will give the employer added peace of mind and potentially help protect the employer legally.

      1. Processing of any license required for the Foreign Worker

Mercan will assist the Foreign workers in their application for license so that they can perform their duties., i.e. professional license for Nurses, etc.

      1. Training

Mercan will work with the employer to deliver customized training and skill competency development lessons or courses to develop trainings and curriculum to enhance the skills and competencies of foreign workers before arriving in their workplace.

      1. Processing Work Visa/ Work Permit Documents

Mercan may, upon request of the employer, facilitate processing of these applications.

      1. Processing Exit Clearances in Country of Origin

Mercan will assist, prepare and submit to the appropriate body, any required documents in behalf of the foreign worker so that the workers’ rights and safety is protected.

      1. Airline Booking and Deployment Scheduling

Mercan will coordinate with the Employer the purchase of best-priced airline tickets and coordinate deployment schedules for the selected workers.

      1. Acculturation Assistance

Workers are provided with a pre-departure orientation which prepares them for the living conditions and societal norms of their country of destination in order to allow the workers to better adjust and adapt into their new society.

      1. Settlement Assistance

This includes:

  • Immediate application of Bank Account
  • Airport pick-up and delivery to the workplace
  • Developing a community support plan specific to the area and region the

foreign worker will be assigned



 Mercan understands that the foreign workers will need help in adapting into their country of destination. As such, Mercan will work together with the employer in providing recruited foreign workers the guidance, supervision and assistance for an uncomplicated settlement in their new communities and host country.

Retention Strategies

  • Partner with key stakeholders to create a diversity-friendly environment
  • Build rewards, incentives and benefits that encourage retention
  • Create training programs that have a direct impact on reducing turnover
  • Measure the success of the organization’s programs through employee survey

Keeping legal status

  • Mercan will record foreign workers’ work visa expiration dates
  • Mercan will monitor processing timelines and start work visa renewal process in time