Hire Temporary Foreign Workers

Hire Temporary Foreign Workers:


The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) allows a Canadian employer to hire temporary foreign workers to fill labour and skill shortages. An employer will need to apply for an LMIA before they are allowed to hire a temporary foreign worker. An LMIA ascertains that there is a need for a temporary foreign worker and that no Canadians or permanent residents are available to do this job.

The LMIA application process depends on the type of program an employer is hiring through. Below are some of the options that can be considered:

• High-wage workers

• Low-wage workers

• Support a high skilled worker’s permanent residence

• Hire on-farm workers in primary agriculture through the:

â–ª Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

â–ª Agricultural Stream

• In-Canada Caregivers with certain conditions

How can we help?

The requirements that an employer needed to meet in going through the LMIA process can be quite expansive. That said, some employers do not know how to even begin, let alone feeling helpless and frustrated. With our vast experience in the LMIA process, we can help employers better understand the conditions that needed to be met and find out if an employer is eligible to apply. This allows the employer in reaching a more informed decision before starting the application itself.