Delivering the Workers to your Doorstep

After identifying qualified workers, we draw up a shortlist. We discuss the vacancy in full with all appropriate candidates before a final shortlist is compiled. Candidates will only be forwarded to employers if they have demonstrated genuine interest in the position. Employers will then give their final decision and return to us with the list of candidates that they have selected. After this, Mercan Recruit shall commence the processing of recruitment and migration documents.

Processing of Required Documents

Since the candidates will come from foreign countries, there are many immigration and travel documents that must be processed. Without these documents, the worker will not be able to come and work for his new employer. The application process is quite a lengthy and detailed process that requires both parties to submit documents to multiple organizations. Mercan Recruit will support the employer and the employee in every way to facilitate the speedy processing of the application.

We possess many years of experience in processing of all required documents such as Labor Market Opinion, Work Permits, Provincial Nominee Application and Permanent Residence in Canada; Labor Certification, H-Visas and E-Visas for U.S.A. Clients; Business Sponsorship and Nomination applications, Temporary Business Entry and Long Stay Visa for Australian Clients and candidates.

Mercan Recruit can also provide settlement services, including but not limited to the following:

Preparing the Workers

Mercan Recruit recognizes the need of the workers to prepare themselves for the changes that will take place when they arrive at their host country. We understand that to limit the stresses that may occur during the adaptation process – whether social, cultural, emotional separation from their families or climate adjustment, Mercan Recruit provides a comprehensive pre-departure orientation to workers, preparing them for the possible challenges. For employers, Mercan Recruit also offers a guidebook to help them understand the culture and norms of their foreign workers.

Mercan Recruit likewise offers settlement services such as:

A. Settlement Services

* We develop a community support plan specific to the area and region the foreign worker is employed. This includes emergency service as well as immediate and long term needs for the Client and the foreign workers families.
* We also help process the workers application for Social Insurance, Health Care and Bank Accounts.
* We can provide airport pick-up and delivery to the workplace.

B. Acculturation Assistance

* Mercan Recruit’s strategy is to work with the local community and other related organizations in helping foreign worker

Three key elements of a successful engagement : Communication, Planning & Metrics
For Mercan Recruit – Metrics make a difference

A series of targeted metrics and reports lets stakeholders know where we’ve been and where we’re heading. Mercan Recruit has developed weekly tracking reports that detail:

    • Required positions by client vs number of ample candidates for selection
    • Number candidates selected and development of application processing
    • Status of selected candidates’ application and estimate timeline of delivery
      • How many candidates have been selected and how many remaining positions are to be filled?
      • How many candidates have been interviewed for a specific position?
      • How many offers have been extended/accepted?
      • Which sourcing channels and selection process have been successful?

We also institute a weekly report that helps direct sourcing efforts based on the results and progress of each phases of recruitment and application processing. Evaluating success in real-time allows us to answer the following questions:

Keeping the lines of communication open.

Inadequate communication impedes decision making. By meeting on a weekly basis, the key stakeholders are able to share candidate information and resource planning needs. Any opportunities or obstacles are generally identified during the course of these meetings and, if necessary, quickly escalated to management