New work opportunities on the Nova Scotia Express Entry program

New work opportunities on the Nova Scotia Express Entry program

nova scotia express entry

New work opportunities on the Nova Scotia Express Entry program

Great news on the Atlantic Canada! Starting today, 11th October 2017, the province of Nova Scotia will accept news applicants under its Provincial Nominee Program. The provincial government will process up to 300 more applications under Category B of the stream. For this pool on the Nova Scotia Express Entry, no job offer is required. But eligible candidates must have previous work experience in an eligible occupation.

This is all part of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), that like other programs use the Express Entry points to rank candidates using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Well ranked candidates are likely to receive an invitation to apply for Permanent Residency. So, if you are interested in Nova Scotia immigration, pay attention to the following details about this opportunity.

Nova Scotia PNP October 2017 pool

Check now if you fit under any occupation on the Category B on the list of occupations in demand below. If you do and are interested in the Nova Scotia PNP, getter all the documents demanded as fast as possible. Because the Nova Scotia PNP pools are likely to reach it’s limit quickly.

Nova Scotia immigration program is one of the few in Canada that works under a first-come policy. And the fact that doesn’t require a job offer makes it even more appealing. Therefore, eligible candidates with previous work experience in one of the occupations in demand below may apply.

1111 Financial Auditors and Accountants
1114 Other financial officers
1123 Professional occupations in advertising, marketing, and public relations
1241 Administrative assistants
1311 Accounting and related clerks
2131 Civil engineers
2171 Information systems analysts and consultants
2174 Computer programmers and interactive media development
2281 Computer network technicians
2282 User support technicians
3012 Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
3233 Licensed practical nurses
4021 College and other vocational instructors
4211 Paralegal and related occupations
4212 Social and community service workers
6235 Financial sales representatives

This stream may reopen again in the future, benefiting potential applicants in the pool who prepare in advance.

Requirements for Nova Scotia PNP

The candidates who want to apply for the Nova Scotia Express Entry on the Category B must:

– Have at least one year of full-time (or equivalent part-time) skilled work experience in the last six years in one of the occupations in demand on the list above;
– Have their foreign education credentials assessed;
nova scotia immigration– Prove adequate intermediate language proficiency in English or French (Canadian Language Benchmark 7) in a test accepted by the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia;
– Get at least 67 points on the Nova Scotia Express Entry points system. The points comprehends language proficiency, age, work experience, education, and adaptability; and
– Have an Express Entry profile.

In addition, category A remains open for interested candidates, although it doesn’t have a targeted occupations list like Category B. And unlike Category B, to be eligible for the Nova Scotia PNP, applicants under Category A need a valid job offer.

Hence, a valid job offer must be made by one employer in Nova Scotia and it has to be for continuous, paid, full-time work. Also, for work that is at least one year after your permanent resident visa is issued, not seasonal, and in a job that is Skill Type 0, or Skill Levels A or B of the National Occupational Classification (NOC). In addition, under Category A, applicants must also obtain 67 points on the Nova Scotia Express Entry points system, and prove education level and language ability.

Understanding Nova Scotia immigration program accepted categories

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Nova Scotia immigration program uses the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to decide if a job or type of work experience meets their eligibility. It considers “skilled” jobs those with NOC Skill Type 0, A or B. Know more these types now:
– Type 0 (zero): meant for management jobs, such as restaurant managers; mine managers; and shore captains (fishing).
– Level A: meant for professional jobs that usually require a degree from a university, such as doctors; dentists; and architects.
– Level B: technical jobs and skilled trades that usually call for a college diploma or training as an apprentice, such as chefs; plumbers; and electricians.

Why apply for this Nova Scotia immigration program?

Besides the opportunity to work in a high-standard country such as Canada, this program may grant you with Permanent Residency in Canada. And after some years, it is also possible to apply for Canadian citizenship. As you know, becoming a citizen in Canada is now easier because of the latest Canadian Citizenship change. Most of all, Canadian citizens have lots of benefits. For example, Canadian citizens can apply for the Canadian passport and travel abroad with one of the most valuable passports worldwide. Also, citizens can be actively part of a great democracy such as Canada, voting, and standing for a political career.


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